The IFP Approach

At Integrated Financial Partners, our planning process puts structure around the more common challenges our clients face. We are committed to providing you with the information you need to make timely, informed decisions about your financial future.


The financial health of an individual or family is second only to their physical health. Asking for second opinions from doctors is common practice – shouldn’t you do the same for your current financial plan? Get a no obligation review of your financial affairs and a candid Green, Yellow or Red light report that breaks down where you stand

For a printable copy of The Financial Second Opinion™, Click Here.

Retirees must make important decisions about their future. Do I have enough money to retire the way I want? Is it in the right places? How can I maximize tax efficiency?

Planning for your financial future takes careful consideration. A new stage in life requires a new strategy. Our Lifetime Income Model™ strives to provide a reliable, tax-efficient stream of income so you can work towards the retirement you deserve.

No strategy, however, assures success or protects against loss.

For a printable copy of the Lifetime Income Model, Click Here.

Life is full of the unexpected and of things that happen sooner than expected. Major events, transfer of assets, loss of a job, new baby, divorce, death – the list goes on. Have a contingency plan ready, so you are prepared for the unexpected.

For a printable copy of The Plan for Financial Comfort Click Here.

Estate planning is often among the least prioritized financial considerations – but is in fact among the most important. How do I want my assets distributed when I’m gone? How much control should my heirs have? How do I minimize the tax burden on my family.

With taxes, inflation, medical costs and longevity there are many factors to consider. We can help you plan for emergencies as well as enduring legacies. Let us help you shape the future for generations to come by having an impactful conversation about your goals for distributing your wealth.

For a printable copy of The Legacy Discussion Click Here.

What’s next for your business? Planning ahead can be complicated. Our goal is to help owners identify opportunities and risks well in advance so that you can get the most out of your business now, and when it is time to pass the torch.

For a printable copy of The Business Owner Model™, Click Here.

Are you happy with your retirement plan's performance and fees? Are you in full compliance with ERISA regulations? We can benchmark your current plan to ensure it is viable and addresses your current and future needs. Specifically, we can show you how your employee retirement plan fits into your own wealth accumulation goals. With our 401(k) Fix-It Program™ we strive to keep you out of harm's way and provide needed direction.

For a printable copy of The Integrated 401(k)™, Click Here.